What do business partners ask about most frequently?

Whether you want to sell blinds in the Czech Republic, Italy or Japan, please fill out a non-binding form first. You will hear from our dealer and arrange an appointment.

He will introduce our company, prepare the materials and answer all your questions. You will also agree on sending the documents that we need for the contract. As soon as we tune up everything, we will prepare a partnership agreement and then you can start making orders.

If you want to learn more about us and are situated not too far away, visit our manufacturing facility in Kralice na Hané – we will show you round our production plant and powder paint shop, where you will see the external blind production on our cutting edge machinery. Just let us know in advance so that we can fully attend to you.

We have listed all of the benefits of partnership in the Become a Partner section.

In the Czech Republic, we deliver to dozens of companies and there are hundreds worldwide. Whether you are a fitter, developer or architect, we will care about you as our partner:

  • we will add an extra 2 years of warranty to the standard 2‑year warranty on shading products,
  • we will train your fitters in the servicing and assembling blinds free of charge,
  • will will give you product catalogues, manuals and assembly instructions,
  • if your customer or investor needs an atypical solution, we will help you with a custom design,
  • we deliver slats in any shade in the RAL colour chart,
  • we paint the cover sheets and accessories for blinds in any colour.

From the first day of cooperation, you will communicate with a single dealer who knows you perfectly and understands exactly what you need. Read about the further benefits of partnership in the Become a Partner section.

We will respond to your enquiry by the second day at the latest and produce all standard blinds within 10 working days of placement of an order. We will agree on the delivery method – you can transport the goods using your own vehicle or we will deliver them. The delivery time also depends on the distance. For example, it will take another 10 days to reach Australia by air or by boat.

Read the transport details in the transport terms section.

We regularly test corrosion and wind resistance. For example, our S‑90 blinds with a width of up to one metre will withstand gusts of wind up to 88 km/​h. Larger blinds with a width of 4 metres will resist winds of almost 50 km/​h. We regularly check the functional and safety requirements according to the European standard EN 13659:2004+A1:2008.

In order to maintain the quality in seaside areas with salty air, we regularly test the components in an artificial chamber by exposing them to a salty mist with 5% concentration of sodium chloride. All the components of our blind conform to the standard ČSN EN 13659.

Parts of the blinds exposed directly to the external environment have resistance class C4 – they can last in the salt chamber for 10 days without showing signs of corrosion. All other components have resistance class C2 – they can last in the chamber for 48 hours.

We take special care to ensure the paint quality of our blinds: the powder paints and agents used in the chemical treatment have quality certificates awarded by the German company GSB International or Swiss organisation Qualicoat.

Read more about testing in an article in our blog.

Throughout our 30 years of producing blinds, we have polished the manufacture to the last detail: for example, we use a wider 8 mm lift tape and rounded holes without sharp edges that do not damage the tape when the blind is operated. Moreover, we import materials and components from leading manufacturers in Switzerland or Germany. Yet, we are able to produce all standard blinds within 10 working days of placement of an order and provide a 2+2‑year guarantee on all shading.

We adjust the blinds during production so that the fitters can anchor them on site immediately after unpacking. And to facilitate assembly even further, we produce self-supporting systems that save fitters tens of minutes for each blind.

In NEVA, we have a design department able to deal even with seemingly impossible tasks by creating atypical custom solutions for you.

However, the process does not end with the sale – we also offer service and technical support whenever you need it.

You can collect the blinds from our plant. We will load them at any time between 8 am and 10 pm (but please arrive no later than 9 pm). 

If you are based a long way from Kralice, we will gladly deliver the goods. We usually use our own vehicles in transport in the Czech Republic, to Slovakia, Austria or Slovenia.

Alternatively, we can arrange transport with a public carrier. We can thus deliver small packages (e.g., accessories or motors) as well as whole truckloads of blinds. We will handle all the paperwork for you. And if you are in a hurry, let us know – we will arrange express delivery.

We pay due attention to our products not only during production but also when packing them. We pack the products in bubble foil, cardboard boxes, on pallets or put them in transport boxes depending on what items you have ordered and what transport you have chosen. We always pack each blind separately.

We make our own custom boxes – we use a machine that adapts the size of the box to the size of the blind and works with endless cardboard so we only use the necessary amount of material without unnecessary waste.

Read the complete transport terms.

We need to resolve very few complaints but if it happens, it is handled by a dealer you are familiar with. You can contact him at any time by e‑mail, phone or in person.

As soon as you reach an agreement, send us the claimed items in complete condition. Enclose a written document (order confirmation or complaint report) marked with the order number, defect description and contact details. Attach photo documentation or a video of the defect.

We will assess the complaint in the shortest possible time and repair the product or replace it with a new one.

If you are claiming a motor, deliver it to our plant in Kralice na Hané. We will test it with our technician and send it to the manufacturer. We always try to ensure the fastest possible claim execution.

You will find the details in our complaint regulations.

What are the most common questions from end customers

You cannot buy blinds directly from us as an end customer. If you are interested in NEVA shading equipment, look at the list of dealers from whom you can buy the NEVA blinds.

We only produce external blinds. Unlike Venetian blinds, they reflect the sun’s rays before they enter the room. As a result, you will feel pleasant at home even on the hottest days.

In addition to blinds, we also offer self-supporting or façade systems allowing quick anchorage of blinds to the building. We also produce other accessories such as ISO-KASTL – a cover that enables installation of external blinds under the façade.

For even greater comfort, we can deliver smart motors for controlling blinds or custom-made roller blinds for insect protection.

As we do not have our own store, you can only see NEVA blinds on our partners’ premises.

Our external blinds most frequently feature the Z, S or C slats, but you can sometimes encounter blinds referred to as F.

Blinds with S and Z-shaped slats (e.g., S‑90, Z‑90 or Z‑70) are more modern. Thanks to their shape, the slats precisely fit into each other, thus making more complete darkness in the room than the C blind. Moreover, they have a rubber seal pressed onto the edges, which makes them pleasantly silent even in windy weather. The Z‑90 slats are the best-sellers in our offer.

The C‑shaped slats (e.g., C‑80 or C‑65) can be tilted to either side, so the light can be shaded up to the ceiling or down to the floor – whichever is more pleasant at the moment. Yet, they do not lock, so they do not create such darkness as the Z or S blinds. They are therefore more suitable for rooms where moderate shading is sufficient.

The blinds (e.g., F‑80) have several benefits, the greatest being a very low packet – the slats are flatter, so when raised, they do not occupy so much space on the top window frame. You will appreciate this especially for smaller windows where the packet should not take too much clear height. The slats can also be tilted to either side.

You can read about the individual slat types on our blog, where we have put a large slat selection guide.

Yes, use the New Green Savings Programme launched by the Ministry of the Environment. It enables house owners to get a subsidy for the construction or reconstruction of a property with low energy intensity. The subsidy covers our external blinds including the ISO-KASTL built-in cover and sandwich panels.

The New Green Savings Programme contributes to external shading with the amounts of:

  • 500 CZK/​m² of shaded area if the shading equipment is manually controlled (mechanical or motor),
  • 1,000 CZK/​m² of shaded area if the shading equipment has intelligent automatic control.

You must apply for the subsidy by the end of 2021. We have included step-by-step instructions on how to get the subsidy on our blog.

The main element in correct maintenance is cleaning at least twice a year – at the end of summer and winter. During these periods, the blinds become most clogged with pollen, dust or insects. Use only water with detergent or soapy water:

    1. Tilt (darken) the blinds and rinse them with water. You can use a garden hose or a steam cleaner. 
      1. Clean each slat with a cloth soaked in water with detergent. Always wipe them in one stroke in one direction. Clean the guiding rails in the same way.
      2. Finally rinse the blinds with water again.

Apart from regular cleaning, examine the blinds carefully several times a year. Concentrate on the condition of the lift tapes and

ladders, wear of the strings and any loose screws of the guiding rail holders.

You can find a complete external blind maintenance guide on our blog.

External blinds tend to be more expensive than Venetian blinds, but their price is never fixed. They are custom-made depending on the condition of your construction and the control method. The resulting price is then calculated from the dimensions, control and colour.

The amount will be announced by your dealer or fitter as soon as you agree on the design of the blinds. If you are more concerned with the price, please read the article on our blog.

NEVA blinds will last for decades on your house. We work with top-class components made by proven manufacturers in Switzerland and Germany, using wider 8 mm lift tape, which is the best tape on the European market according to independent tests.

To prove the quality, we add an extra 2 years to the standard 2‑year warranty. And you will receive a 5‑year warranty on all types of motors.

Assembling the blinds consists of multiple steps and each and every detail is important, so do not attempt to install them yourself. More importantly, you could lose the warranty due to unprofessional assembly.