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Why choose NEVA blinds?

Advantages of NEVA blinds

Unlike other forms of shielding, external blinds have many advantages. See for yourself.

Control of the amount of light

You personally set the amount of light that flows into the interior. The individual slats fit precisely into each other and cover the entire perimeter of the window, such that you effectively shade the room.

Architectural element

The best architects at present count on external blinds when designing buildings. They provide broad usage options in various types of buildings.

Thermal regulation

Unlike internal blinds, NEVA blinds reflect sunlight before it penetrates into the room. Thanks to this, they prevent unpleasant overheating. In summer, external blinds ensure passive cooling.

Reliable protection

NEVA blinds not only protect you against aggressive sunlight, but also against unfavourable weather and the curious passers-by.

Insect screens

We shall also gladly make insect screens to match your window dimensions. The screens are of the roll-up type and you can therefore easily close and open them.

Comfortable controls

No straps with fragile cords. You control NEVA blinds with a crank handle or buttons linked to an electric motor. If you want to enjoy maximum comfort, connect the blinds to the Smart Home system.

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