Fittings and accessories ISO-KASTL

A custom-made case, which you use for easy and quick installation of the external blinds under the plaster. It is suitable for any type of building, including low-energy houses.

We make it from Purenit, a material that boasts strength, durability, low weight and volume stability.

We recommend combining ISO-KASTL with sandwich plates.

Easy installation

Easy installation

You can easily install the ISO-KASTL case on any building and it significantly simplifies the subsequent installation of the blinds. It easily adheres to all types of building materials.
Excellent resistance

Excellent resistance

The case is waterproof and has a constant volume. We designed it in such a manner that it prevents the creation of thermal bridges and ensures high thermal insulation.
For all blinds

For all blinds

The internal dimensions of the case are suitable for all types of external blinds in our offer.

Technical Parameters

Blueprint legend
1 Case height (mm) 205 - 325
2 Case width (mm) 190
3 Case height (mm) 205 - 325

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