The material for the external blinds comes from Switzerland, the electronics come from France and Germany. Our external blinds, sought after all over the world, are manufactured by cutting-edge machines.

Already during production, we adjust them in such a manner that you only need to put in a minimum of work on the assembly site. We coat their components in our own coating plant to ensure that the coat lasts for years. And if necessary, we also manufacture blinds in atypical dimensions.

We manufacture all the blinds in the offer within 14 days of a manufacturing order and in addition to the standard 2-year guarantee you get a further 2 years. We carry out repairs in our company, or we can provide you with the essential components. But the services do not end with the purchase – we shall gladly train your employees in correct assembly procedures. We make the blinds in many variants, which differ in slat shape and width.

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