External Blinds C-65

For everyone who wants to have perfect control of shielding. Compared to the C‑80, the more elegant-looking C‑65 blinds have narrower slats, and are therefore suitable for places with smaller or narrower windows.

We adjust the blinds during production so you can simply unpack and anchor them on the building site. We always manufacture them within 14 days and also add a guarantee of 2+2 years.

C‑65 external blinds can be controlled using a crank, motor or can be connected to the Smart Home system. We will custom make slat guides for you with a guide profile or cable.

14 Slat Colors

You can tilt the blinds in both directions

If you are looking for universal blinds, the C‑shape is the best choice. The possibility to tilt the slats in both directions provides broad shielding options, thanks to which you can admit the ideal amount of light into the room.

Elegant appearance

Thanks to the larger number of narrower slats, the C‑65 blinds have a fine and elegant appearance even on smaller windows.

Variable solution

The C‑65 blinds are popular external blinds not only for households, but also for administrative buildings and offices.

Technical parameters

Guiding Type:

C‑65 blinds Crank Motor
Blind width (mm) 400 — 5 000 600 — 5 000
Blind height (mm) 500 — 5 000 500 — 5 000 
Maximum blind surface (m2) 9 20
Wind resistance up to 74 km/​h, up to Class 5 up to 74 km/​h, up to Class 5
C‑65 blinds Crank Motor
Blind width (mm) 400 — 4 000 600 — 4 000
Blind height (mm) 500 — 4 000 500 — 4 000
Maximum blind surface (m2) 9 16
Wind resistance up to 49 km/​h, up to Class 3 up to 49 km/​h, up to Class 3
Blueprint legend
1 Vnitřní prostor pro žaluzii (mm) 130 (doporučeno)
2 Výška paketu (mm) 200 - 500
3 Celková výška žaluzie (mm) 500 - 5 000

Slat Colors


RAL 9003/S






RAL 7038/S


RAL 9006/S


RAL 9006/H


RAL 6005/S




RAL 3004/S


RAL 7016/S




RAL 9007/S


RAL 9010/S




The RAL/VSR color number is only approximate, it is the closest shade on the RAL/VSR scale to the slat color. Test how the color looks on the slats by clicking any color. Non-standard colors are only on request.

Mounting methods

Installation under the façade

The blinds are mounted into a prepared space in the façade. All anchoring elements are hidden and thus do not disturb the final appearance of the building. This mode of installation is visually the most attractive.

Installation under the cover sheet

A painted metal sheet covers the upper profile and the blind slat packet and protects the blinds from adverse weather. This method is suitable for retro-fitting, or if the blinds do not fit under the façade or the client likes the aesthetics of the plate.

Installation on the façade

In case the building technology prevents use of the option of mounting under the façade or the plate, the blinds are then mounted directly onto the façade with the use of special structural elements. Blinds installed in this manner form an interesting architectural element.

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