Advantages of NEVA textile screens

NEVA textile screens provide a combination of high-standard thermal protection with adequate daylight in the interior for a natural atmosphere in your home.

Design element

The best architects at present rely on textile screens when designing buildings. They provide broad usage options and moreover look elegant and luxurious.


Thermal regulation

Unlike interior fabric roller screens, NEVA roller screens deflect the sun’s rays before they penetrate into the room. They thus prevent unpleasant overheating.

Comfortable controls

No fighting with cords. You control the NEVA textile screens with a button or controller connected to an electric motor. If you want to enjoy maximum comfort, connect the roller screens to the Smart Home system.

They create a pleasant atmosphere

Regardless of the fabric that you choose for your textile screens, you can always create a comfortable environment in your home and retain contact with the outdoor environment.

How to shade a terrace?

Suitable for use on pergolas

Textile screens and particularly zipscreens are a suitable option for pergola blinds. You can easily install the roller screen on a classic wooden or modern aluminium pergola.

Shading a pergola

It is highly resistant

Thanks to the fixed anchoring and top-class design, NEVA textile screens are also resistant to strong winds even above 80 km/​h. Moreover, they are also very quiet even in strong windy conditions.

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