We will give ourselves a 30th-birthday present: a new administration building.

10. 3. 2020

The company growth brought us to further expansion, this time in terms of a construction project. This year, a new administration building will be built on the NEVA premises. We will build a training room, a representative showroom, a dining hall and facilities for the employees on an area of 800 m².

It will fill the vacant space opposite to the shipment department. The architect, Ing. arch. Zdeněk Beran, focused on natural incorporation of the building into the premises. The building will thus follow the space around the gazebo, which will be used as a resting zone for our employees.

The construction is a natural response to our needs that grew hand in hand with the number of new orders and employees. We feel that the lack of space and crowded offices hinder our further expansion.

The new administration building should be completed in winter this year.

A new dining hall and facilities for our employees

We have noticed the employees’ increased interest in company catering following the change of the food supplier and the existing dining hall is no longer sufficient. We will newly use the original premises for the development of technical departments – marketing, R&D and IT. The new building will have a larger dining area providing the employees a good meal with great comfort.

The new employee dining hall capacity will cover the further company growth.

We will also train you

We are planning a modern and very spacious training room and conference hall in the new building. Our product specialist Jan Gajdoš trained more than 200 people last year on the original premises. We already know that we will train more than 260 partners this year and the number keeps growing. With the new training room, we will help our partners understand our products even better so that they are prepared for the sale and assembly of our products.

Welcome to our showroom

We will gladly show you around our sample room when you visit our new building. It will help us present our work to potential foreign partners and perform future product training.

The construction will improve information and product service for our clients and our comfort. Come to NEVA in winter and see the completed administration building. We will gladly show you everything.

The new showroom will help in establishing new partnerships during the training.


Miloslav Matoušek

Miloslav Matoušek has worked in NEVA as a marketing manager since 2018. He studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague and began to study marketing after his studies. He acquired his skills in HANÁK NÁBYTEK and Student Agency. He is concerned with the development of the brand and setting long-term marketing and business goals of the NEVA company.


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