How to choose the colour of screen roller shutters?

You can match the colour of the roller shutters to the interior, exterior or surrounding buildings. You can choose from a wide range of shades – light tones make a small space feel bigger and dark ones make it feel cosier. Read on to find out what to look for when making your choice.

In previous articles we discussed what parameters to look for when choosing screens and looked in detail at the differences between screen roller shutter fabrics. But what effect does colour have on light transmission, for example, and how do architects and designers think about roller shutter colour?

You can match them with the interior and exterior

Unlike aluminium roller shutters or external blinds, you can see out through closed roller shutters. And you have to be aware of the fact that their colour creates an imaginary filter through which you will be looking at your surroundings for decades to come.

When choosing a colour, think about how the house will look from the outside and the inside.

You can match the roller shutter colour with:

  • the colour of the window frame – you can’t go wrong there, especially if you have the same window colour inside and outside,
  • interior – floor, walls or furniture,
  • façade of the house
  • or wider surroundings than just the building itself (neighbouring houses, countryside).

“We always design screen roller shutters in the context of the space or the façade. Only once the surrounding colour scheme has been settled do we decide on the roller shutter colour. Basically, there are two options – to look for shades that will blend in with the surroundings or, on the contrary, will directly contrast with them,” says architect Roman Vrtiška from Vrtiška & Žák.

The roller shutters should complete the overall impression of the interior and fit your style and taste. If you are a fan of:

  • pure Scandinavian style, then you can’t go wrong with white;
  • modern, industrial style, go for grey to black tones,
  • retro and artistic style, don’t be afraid of brown or beige.

White, black or neutral tones?

The size of the screened area also plays an important role. White makes the space feel larger, so it is suitable for smaller rooms and flats. On the other hand, a large space will be improved by dark shades, which will make it appear more cosy and defined.

If you don’t want to experiment too much, you can play it safe with neutral shades: grey, beige or pearl white. These neutral tones will also show less dirt (e.g., dust and pollen).

On our website you will find a colour swatch to make your decision easier. You can then get an even better idea of the colours at a personal meeting with our dealer, who will show you a swatch of colours and materials.

The lighter the fabric, the more light enters the room

To get an idea of light absorption and transmission by outdoor fabric roller shutters, we can follow a simple physical law: light colours absorb less light and reflect more, and dark colours absorb more and reflect less.

“Colour can and often does have a direct effect on the percentage of shading/​light attenuation. Therefore, keep in mind that white will always be more permeable and “light up” a space more than any darker shade. In principle, we can say that the darker the colour, the greater the attenuation,” says Roman Vrtiška.

In addition to light, heat absorption is also important to prevent the room from overheating. According to measurements carried out, screen roller shutters reduce the room temperature by 3 – 7°C, but a lot depends on the colour. “If a customer is looking for a fabric colour with the best possible ratio between light transmission and heat absorption, then we recommend grey fabrics. They shade very well and at the same time cool the room pleasantly,” says Jan Gajdoš, product manager at NEVA.

Two-tone fabrics

Some fabrics are woven from two coloured fibres. You’ll appreciate them if you feel that you can’t match a single-colour roller shutter to both the interior and the exterior. You can then choose whether you want the darker fabric facing the inside or the outside of the room.

Colours remain rich even after years

Screen colours stay stable and rich even in bright sunlight. Slight fading may occurs but only after several years.

The fabrics we use in NEVA for roller shutters have been tested by the manufacturer for colour fastness according to ISO 105 B02 and achieve the highest level.

With screen roller shutters, you also select the components

When choosing the colour of the screen roller shutters, you not only choose the shade of the fabric, but also the colour of the top box, the guiding rails and the bottom profile. At NEVA, we have our own powder coating shop where we can custom paint the components to match the exact shade of your façade or windows.

If you need help with colour selection, please contact one of our dealers.


Kateřina Musilová

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