How do external blinds affect the quality of sleep?

The worst sleep disrupting factors include poor temperature in the bedroom, light smog or noise from the street. You simply use shading equipment to get rid of them. Read about how external blinds can improve your sleep.

Darkness helps you fall sleep

In order for you to fall asleep more quickly, sleep in a properly darkened room. The body’s response to darkness is a feeling of tiredness. Z‑90 external blinds are the best choice for the bedroom. They create almost complete darkness when tilted. Moreover, you can use a remote control device to close them also when lying in bed.

S‑90 blinds also ensure a peaceful sleep. They are solid, provide proper shading and resemble roller blinds so that they make an elegant combination with them.

Lower temperature and fresh air ease getting up

For you to get up more easily in the morning, leave the windows open at night and let fresh air into the room. You thus avoid the risk of a headache in the morning from excess carbon dioxide.

Thanks to external blinds you can aerate the room even in poor weather. In case of very hot weather or rain, you simply aerate the room with closed blinds. They function as a screen and provide protection against hot weather and rain.

The temperature in the bedroom should not exceed 18 °C, so you should properly aerate the room before going to bed.

If you find it difficult to get up and even an alarm clock cannot wake you up, bet on the Smart Home system. Using the Smart Home system you can easily control the blinds, lights or heating from your mobile phone. You set the scenario in the system, which in the morning will automatically open the blinds exactly when you want. And if you prepare a coffee cup in the coffee machine in the evening, it’ll also make the coffee.

Thanks to the Smart Home system, blinds automatically open in the morning.

Undisturbed sleep requires silence and peace

Quality sleep lasts six to eight hours, but if you live in a busy area and your sleep is interrupted, its quality declines. Even in this case, external blinds will help you since the tilted slats function as sound insulation. For instance, we make S‑90 blinds with rolled seals in the slats, such that the slats are absolutely silent and therefore ideal for bedroom use.

Other methods for improving your sleep

Use the bedroom only for sleep and rest. Get rid of things that do not belong in the bedroom, for instance:

  • televisions,
  • mobile telephones,
  • notebooks
  • and other electronic devices.

They radiate blue light, which lowers the melatonin level and deteriorates the quality of your sleep. Moreover, they can also emit unpleasant noises, which disrupt your sleep.

Also focus on a comfortable mattress, which you can try out in the store before purchase. Similarly, you should also choose a quality duvet, pillows and bed linen and also keep the bed clean — change the bed linen at least once every 14 days.

Are you interested in the most practical slats for the bedroom? Read the guide on choosing slats and find the best bargain for you.


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