Blinds and net curtains: should they be combined or not?

Combining internal and external shading is a difficult task even for interior designers. We ascertained how to solve the combination of external blinds and net curtains or drapes.

Do not be afraid of making combinations

If you are making a choice between drapes and external blinds, simply combine them

You can combine all types of shading, but from the practical point of view we do not recommend combining internal and external blinds. External blinds make internal blinds lose sense and you thus waste money. If you want external blinds and internal shading at the same time, try drapes, net curtains or pleated roller blinds.

When purchasing internal and external shading, also consider the design and choose the colours of the slats and the fabric so they match the appearance of the interior with the exterior.

“Although external blinds are outside, they should however follow the colour of the interior and internal shading, which serves as a decorative element. For this reason, when choosing the slats of the blinds and the drapery fabric you should opt for matching colour shades in order to match the shading,” recommends interior designer Petra Vláčilíková.

External blinds provide excellent shading

External blinds are mainly a functional element that shades the household. By tilting the blind slats, it is possible to regulate the quantity of heat and light that you allow to enter the interior — in summer, you can for instance prevent overheating of the room and lower the temperature in the house interior by up to 10 °C. On the other hand, internal shading fulfils only a design function.

For example, the Z‑90 blinds when tilted tightly fit together and make the room almost absolutely dark. For this reason, these blinds are mainly suited for use in the bedroom or children’s room.

Similarly, you can use S‑90 blinds, which are rigid, provide proper shading and thanks to their appearance also lend buildings a softer appearance. These blinds are an ideal choice if, for instance, you are outfitting your household in the hygge style.

Z‑90 external blinds make the room almost completely dark.

Internal shading completes the interior

The disadvantage of internal shading is that solar radiation stops in the interior, which subsequently heats up. Net curtains or drapes thus function rather as a design element which ensures privacy. Unlike external blinds, net curtains do not provide so much shade, but distribute the light in the interior and form a pleasant atmosphere. 

It is best to combine external blinds with interior shading comprising:

  • Pleated roller blinds — they are made from a variety of fabrics with varying density and light transmission so we recommend them for most rooms.
  • Net curtains – they are mainly used as a decorative feature because they do not provide much shading and it is possible to see through them. It is thus ideal to combine them with external blinds, which take care of room darkening.
  • Japanese walls – they are an ideal replacement for net curtains or drapes. You can purchase them in several variants and control them using a string or motor. Japanese walls do not provide much shade, but are elegant to look at and lend the interior a modern appearance.
  • Day and night roller blinds – they are made of transparent and opaque fabric strips. You simply spread the strips and keep a lit interior. The disadvantage of these roller blinds is that they do not provide perfect shading when closed and for this reason you should supplement them with external blinds.
You can also combine several types of shading systems such as drapes and net curtains.

But in the case of interior shading, you most often encounter problems with dust. “Net curtains are sometimes termed dust traps and for this reason some people do not use this element in the interior. If you want to use a fabric interior shading element you should invest in quality fabrics that are easy to maintain. Otherwise, net curtains or drapes have many advantages — they make the whole space compact and provide you with a greater feeling of privacy,” explains Petra Vláčilíková.

When designing a combination of interior and external shading, contact our partners, who will help you make a choice.


Kateřina Musilová

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