We’re getting ready for R+T 2024 in Stuttgart

29. 1. 2024

Following a 6‑year pause due to Covid-19, a live R+T 2024 shading technology trade fair is finally awaiting us in Stuttgart. We have prepared a modern stand by the Vrtiška & Žák architectural studio, a completely new product or a 3D tour of our production for our partners and visitors, which you can virtually visit using VR glasses.

Stand designed by Vrtiška & Žák architectural studio

We already collaborated with the Vrtiška & Žák architectural studio during the construction of our showroom and training centre. Since the collaboration proved successful for us, we commissioned them to create our whole stand for the R+T 2024 trade fair in Stuttgart.   “Just as in our showroom, the architects got inspired by external blinds, their shape and materials. So, a display of our products and novel processing of production materials in a way you wouldn’t expect waits for you at the stand,” says Miloslav Matoušek, our Marketing Manager.

We will present our novelties

As usual, we will bring samples and specimens of our external blinds and textile screens to the trade fair. For the first time this year, we will also present the long-prepared new product that will expand our existing portfolio.  “Based on the feedback from our partners, we embarked on developing a new product, about which we are very happy. We can’t reveal details for the time being, but visitors surely have something to look forward to,” says Miroslav Sedláček, Head of the Development Department.

Come to visit us

Visitors to our stand can try out our new online shop, BIM configurator or view our production using VR glasses. Of course, we will have pleasant seating and refreshments available for each guest.

The trade fair begins on Monday, 19 February, and ends on Friday, 23 February. We will be very pleased to see you. If you would like to get a free ticket, let us know at marketing@neva.eu.  We still keep a few of them for our partners and visitors.


Kateřina Musilová

Kateřina Musilová reinforced the NEVA marketing department in 2020. In her position of a copyrighter, she uses skills acquired in the study of the Czech language at Charles University in Prague.

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