We are introducing a new product: flush-mounted textile screen

19. 2. 2024

Following two-year development, we are launching a new product: flush-mounted textile screen. The screen is unique in having no visible welds or screws, so it has a absolute clean design. We presented the new textile screen for the first time at February’s R+T 2024 external shading trade fair in Stuttgart.

Clean appearance without screws and welds

We manufacture the flush-mounted textile screen in two variants – ZIP110 with a smaller and ZIP150 with a bigger shaft, and the bigger variant can shade an area up to 6 metres in width. Apart from having a clean design, both textile screens are easy to maintain. It is possible to replace or repair both the motor and fabric without any screwing.

“We worked on the development of the flush-mounted screen for two years. We are absolutely delighted that we’ve actually managed to hide all the screws and welds. The bottom profile is hidden in the flush-mounted box once retracted, as well. So, the textile screen has a very elegant look, which will be appreciated by both architects and designers,” says Jiří Umlauf, our Commercial Director.

A textile screen will be produced within 10 working days

We keep all the components for manufacturing the textile screens in standard colours in stock and, just as with our other products, we guarantee production within 10 working days of the order being approved.

This makes the work easier for downstream entities — typically our installation partners — who can order the screen for a specific date and have it transported to the installation site, where they will install the screen on the same day.

Dozens of fabrics to choose from

We produce the flush-mounted textile screen using 21 standard fabrics, or you can order a tailor-made fabric in any colour or with any light transmittance from light-transmitting to completely darkening ones. The accessories are offered in any RAL colour.

“We take the fabrics from Belgian company Helioscreen and Serge Ferrari from France, which are at the top of the industry; the motors are supplied to us by Somfy from France,” adds Lukáš Musil, Head of the Commercial Department. We produce and paint the accessories for the screens ourselves.


Kateřina Musilová

Kateřina Musilová reinforced the NEVA marketing department in 2020. In her position of a copyrighter, she uses skills acquired in the study of the Czech language at Charles University in Prague.

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