Self-bearing systems STF

Thanks to the STF system, we can quickly and effectively install external blinds on a building. We shall prepare the system for you during production in such a manner that it suffices to unpack and install it.

We make the STF self-bearing system in one of two versions. STF1 has visible guide profiles and you can use it mainly for retro-fitting into a building opening. You can use the STF2 system during plastering. Thanks to this, all the anchoring elements are hidden.

The STF system allows window manufacturers to fit the blinds on the window directly during production. The window with blinds is then installed on the building in a single step.

Quick installation

The self-bearing system saves you time and assembly costs. It forms a single unit with the blinds and the installers need not assemble it but just directly fix it onto the building.

Ideal for window manufacturers

If you are a window manufacturers, you can install the blinds on the windows during the production process. Then, only one step suffices to install the windows with blinds on the building.

Insect screens

With the system we can also upon request make integrated rolling insect screens. The screens are simple to operate, thanks to which you can roll them up and down at any time.

Technical parameters

STF2 without additional anchorage Motor
Blind width (mm) 600 — 2 300
Blind height (mm) 500 — 3 500
Maximum blind surface (m2) 8
Blueprint legend
1 Výška krycího plechu (mm) according to the blinds
2 Světlá výška žaluzie (mm) 500 - 3 500

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