Outdoor blinds reduce the house temperature by up to 10 degrees. See what other benefits they have.

External sun shading creates a pleasant climate within your house even if it is 40 °C outside. However, heat regulation is not the only thing blinds can handle. We have summed up all the reasons why external blinds are priceless for both the home and office alike. 

1. You can make night during the day if you want

Unlike other types of sun shading, the slats of external blinds can be tilted, making for smooth regulation of the amount and intensity of light you let into the room. Certain slat types, such as the C-80, C-65 or F-80, can be tilted either way, meaning you can comfortably tilt the light either outwards or inwards.

Moreover, external blinds provide much better sun shading capabilities compared to interior ones. For example, the slats of Z-90 blinds fit into each other so perfectly that they form a continuous surface when closed, allowing you to create basically absolute darkness – great for sleeping during the day after a night shift.

2. Save A/C running costs

External blinds reflect the sun’s rays before they even reach the interior, reducing the room temperature by up to 10 °C in some cases,and cutting your A/C running costs.

You wouldn’t achieve nearly as much of an effect with interior blinds, which only deflect the light once it’s in the interior. Moreover, a portion of the heat is reflected from the blinds onto the glass and the space between the blind and the window starts heating up. The heated blinds in turn heat up the air within the room, effectively increasing the room temperature. Based on data from the Shading Equipment and Accessories Manufacturers Association, 36 % of the energy from the sun’s rays can pass into the room through interior blinds even if they are closed.

In contrast, external blinds capture the sun’s rays while they’re outside – even though the slats heat up and radiate heat towards the window, the air has enough room for circulation and the heat is ventilated away. Closed external blinds (in a light colour) only let about 3.7 % of solar energy into the interior.

External blinds can shield about 96 % of solar radiation.

3. Protect yourselves from curious eyes and burglars

While French windows are beautiful, they can make you feel like you’re sitting in a shop display window. External blinds will help you retain your privacy – you can tilt them to let some light in but at the same time make curious eyes unable to peep into your interior.

External blinds also serve as a rudimentary security feature which protects you from burglars:

  • They present an obstacle that burglars need to overcome in order to get inside.
  • You can set your blinds for automatic actuation, which will make the house look inhabited from the outside even though you’re having a great time on a beach three thousand kilometres away.

4. You can mount them onto any building

External blinds can be purchased whether you’re building your house from scratch and take them into account in the design, or just reconstructing it. They can be installed according to the options offered by the building:

  • If taken into account in the project, the blinds can be put into a prepared space within the façade – e.g., using the ISO-KASTL sub-plaster case. The anchoring is hidden and does not spoil the appearance of the building.
  • If the blinds don’t fit underneath the façade or
  • you have opted for them only after the construction, you can hide the blind profile and slat packet underneath a painted plate.
    If the construction technology does not allow either of these options, the blinds can be installed directly onto the façade using additional supporting elements.

5. They last for years and protect your windows.

If you purchase high-quality external blinds, they will last for decades because they are strong and resistant to wind and rain. For example, our S-90 blinds have the widest slats of all types and resist winds of up to 88kph.

Additionally, external blinds increase the durability of your windows – thanks to them, the window frames will never fade and plastic profiles will retain their shape for longer as the blinds prevent their deformation due to high temperatures.

External blinds protect windows against physical wear.

6. You can make your house an architectonic marvel.

Not only are external blinds practical, many architects take them into account in the project stage and use them to complement the overall appearance of the house. Thanks to the universal designs, they are a great match for both modern and historical architecture.

They can be purchased in various décors and colour variants, which you can utilize to match the colour of the blinds to that of the façade or even create some original contrasts.

7. They can be connected to smart accessories.

You don’t have to keep checking the weather forecast and manually handling external blinds to maintain a pleasant temperature in your home regardless of the weather. The blinds can be connected to sun or wind sensors and controlled automatically based on the current weather:

  • The sun sensor checks whether the sunlight is too intense, closing the blinds to prevent interior overheating if required. During winter, it can pull the blinds up to let some extra light flood in.
  • The wind sensor monitors wind speed and pulls the blinds up if the set value is exceeded, thus preventing the blinds from being damaged in bad weather.


Additionally, blinds can easily be connected to a remote control system, which you can use to set the amount of light entering the room without even getting up from your bed or couch. Alternatively, you can hook them up to your Smart Home system. The entire home, including sun shading, can be controlled via one application, which lets you create your own scenarios: for example, to have the blinds close automatically whenever you leave home.

Check out the external blinds in our assortment and take a look at all the clever accessories for them while you’re at it.


Miloslav Matoušek

Miloslav Matoušek has worked in NEVA as a marketing manager since 2018. He studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague and began to study marketing after his studies. He acquired his skills in HANÁK NÁBYTEK and Student Agency. He is concerned with the development of the brand and setting long-term marketing and business goals of the NEVA company.


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