Our production is one of the most advanced in Central Europe – we purchase material most frequently from Switzerland and France. We have six automated rolling mills, we print product prototypes on a 3D printer, and we check, for example, the accuracy of the cover sheets by means of a laser.

Absolute cleanliness is the basis of our production

In production, we clean up even several times a day and every employee inspects the workplace at the end of their shift. The cleanness of our production amazes everyone who stops by – even our partners from abroad.

Advanced machinery

Thanks to our top-level machines which include, for example, the latest rolling mill by ZEBR, we keep pace with the most demanding requirements of our customers and architects all over the world.


We use a 3D printer to prototype products and print small components. We have developed, for example, the ISO-KASTL concealed case, which facilitates installing blinds under the façade.

Our own coating shop

In order to become independent, we built our own powder coating shop in 2014. As a result, we determine the quality standard and deadlines on our own and guarantee top-quality work.


In 2019 we acquired one of the most advanced rolling mills in Europe. This rolling mill was custom-made for us and features built-in rotary four-bed riveting, and using it we make nearly one-third more Z‑90 blinds than before. In addition, we work on the principle of smart production control – the data from customers’ orders go directly into machines without us having to copy them by hand.

Careful inspection

We inspect blinds several times during production. In addition to the thickness of paint or gloss, we also monitor the functionality of all the parts of the blinds. Once completed, we send the blind for a final inspection and we make all the adjustments already in production, so all it then takes is anchoring on site.