Fittings and accessories ISO-PANEL

This accessory to the ISO-KASTL case, which is designed for assembly under plaster, allows easy and environmentally-friendly assembly of side guiding rails of blinds into the façade.

ISO-PANEL plates with guiding rails make assembling external blinds in window spaces easier. We have attained high-quality insulation and easy assembly thanks to a new, eco-friendly material.

The material from granulated PET is ductile, light, resistant to mould, rot, water and moisture. In addition, it can be recycled easily.

Easy assembly

The plates are easily workable just with a knife and are assembled with the help of only a few screws.

Outstanding properties

We have opted for efficiency and consideration. The plates are solid and light, resistant to mould, water and chemicals, and feature superior insulation properties.


The plates are made from recycled granulated PET. The remaining material can be recycled repeatedly and is considerate to the environment.

Technical parameters

Blueprint legend
1 Maximální šířka (mm) 350
2 Výška desky (mm) 35
3 Maximální délka (mm) 5000

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