External blinds F‑80

Lakepark Residence

The LakePark Residence apartment house is located in the town of Staré Splavy in the Mácha region. The building is faced with square lumber and for its fresh look complemented by the NEVA blinds, it won the Building of the Year in the Liberec Region Award for 2018.

We supplied 85 units of F‑80 blinds for the complex of apartments.


ARTN Best of realty 2018
2nd place for small-size residential projects

Building of the Year 2018 
Building of the Liberec Region 2018

Location Staré Splavy, Czech Republic
Partner SM PRODUKT, s. r. o.
Products used F‑80
Color 140H
Architect Ing. arch. Petr Vacek
Link https://www.lakepark.cz