Fittings and accessories Sandwich plates

The plates are used as an accessory to the ISO-KASTL case for installation under the plaster for embedding of the guide profiles of the blinds into the façade.

Their combination gives you an aesthetically pleasing and well-insulated space around the windows in which you can easily install external blinds. 

We make the plates from Purenit, a building material that boasts high resistance, strength, volume stability and low weight.

Easy installation

We shall provide you with the finished plates cut to the required size. They easily adhere to all types of building materials.

Excellent resistance

We designed the sandwich plates in a waterproof design with high thermal insulation properties.

Unique sill connection

We developed our own solution for connecting the sandwich plates to the sill so that the result is aesthetic and functional, and water does not leak under the sill.

Technical parameters

Blueprint legend
1 Maximal width (mm) 350
2 Plate height (mm) 31
3 Maximal length (mm) 5 000

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