Self-bearing systems STL

The STL self-supporting system is used for quick installation of external blinds on the prepared space in a building. The blinds form one unit with the bearing elements and guide profiles, which you can immediately fix in place upon unpacking.

The STL system is mounted in the jamb or window frame. We can also make a reinforced STL system for you with a width of up to 4 metres. 

Quick installation

The self-bearing system saves you time and assembly costs. Since it forms a single unit with the blinds, the installers do not need to assemble it on the building site, but can directly fix it onto the building.


Install the system into a solid jamb or window frame. Moreover, you can join the blinds thanks to the dual guide profile.

Reinforced STL system

Upon request, we can make a system also in a variant with a reinforced upper profile and reinforced bearing elements. Thanks to this, the blinds shield a larger area.

Technical parameters

STL standard version Crank Motor
Blind width (mm) 600 — 2 300 600 — 2 300
Blind height (mm) 500 — 3 500 500 — 3 500
Maximum blind surface (m2) 8 8
Blueprint legend
1 Vnitřní prostor pro žaluzii (mm) 130 (recommended)
2 Výška paketu (mm) 180 - 250
3 Celková výška žaluzie (mm) 500 - 3 500

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