Façade system Façade system

If you want to install external blinds on a finished façade, façade blinds are an ideal technical solution.

We deliver them with a self-bearing case and massive guide profiles. Installers simply attach the blinds to the wall using special holders for the guide profile.

We can make façade blinds for you in round or square design. The round design has curved cover sheeting and rounded guides, while the second design has cover sheeting and angular guides. Both variants offer interesting opportunities for architects.

Stylish architectural element

Since the façade blinds are mounted on the building and protrude from it, they highlight the building façade and accentuate the overall aesthetics of the exterior.

Universal solution

We can supply you a cover for the façade blinds for most of our blinds. Namely S‑90, Z‑90, Z‑70, C‑80, C‑65F‑80. Moreover, all in a rounded, or square variant. 

Easy installation

We shall set up the blinds during production in such a manner that the installers simply fix them in place after unpacking.

Technical parameters

Façade system — round version Motor
Blind width (mm) 600 — 3 500
Blind height (mm) 500 — 4 000
Maximum blind surface (m2) 11
Blueprint legend
1 Blind height (mm) 500 - 4000
2 Cover height (mm) 240 (300)
3 Cover width (mm) 170
4 Distance from the façade (mm) cca 20

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